November 24, 2019
Doing push-ups in bed, maximizing daily activities, sleeping well, walking, climbing stairs and drinking water are some of the physical exercises that are recommended to be included in the daily routine to be healthy.


Work, family or the different tasks that you have during the day can prevent people from getting fit since they do not have time to go to the gym or perform physical activity. Many expect to have free time to devote to exercise, however, it is not necessary to prolong it completely.

Several things can be done in everyday life, some exercises that will only take a few minutes and that will help you stay fit in your daily routine without going to the gym.

Lizards in bed

The bed is a great tool for lizards. The surface is unstable so it will allow you to exert more force on the arms, abdomen and other parts of the body. Doing everything you can in 60 seconds is a great way to start or end the day. The correct way to do them is with the feet apart, the body aligned, and the arms separated from the body, a little further than the shoulders.

Maximize daily activities

Some things are done every day that can be used for physical activity. For example, it is recommended to stand on one foot while brushing your teeth, this will help balance and strengthen the triceps muscles of the legs.

Use all the muscles

Strength training is very important, but you don't need weights to always do it. In the free moments, when waking up or before falling asleep, you can choose exercises that work the muscles, such as squats, and do some repetitions at other times of the day.

Do not forget the stretches

Stretching is important not only before or after exercising. When you wake up or in the workplace you could do it; This will help keep your muscles flexible, avoid aches and injuries. To stretch the spine and lower back, just lay on a firm surface, raise your knees and bring them to your chest, hug them and stay there for 10 seconds. On the other hand, for the arms, you should stretch them forward, with your fingers interlaced and you should take them as far as you can.

When shopping

Instead of choosing a car in a supermarket you could make purchases in a basket. Not for less food, the market it carries could serve as weights to exercise the arms.

Use the stairs

If there is an elevator in the house or the workplace, choose the stairs. Several times they have announced the benefits of this activity. The metabolism is activated and some extra calories can be burned. According to experts, when working up the buttocks and quadriceps are worked.

Perform cardio

When you wake up, before changing or just before the shower water gets hot, you can perform a few squats or jumping jacks.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk has many benefits and only needs a few minutes. It can be done in your spare time or when you finish eating in your office. The walks should always be on a regular schedule, adopting a dog can also help, as taking it for a walk can be the best stimulus to turn this practice into a habit.

Drink water

It is always healthier to consume water instead of soda.

Sleep well

The most recent lines of research affirm that sleeping well is equally important to maintain adequate food and exercise regularly. Sleeping well, according to experts, increases the quality of life and prevents the development of certain diseases, is essential for many vital processes and faces the demands of the day.


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