November 26, 2019
Some foods are a source of substances that help us increase intelligence.

Maintaining a balanced, natural and healthy diet is already a trend among people who want to achieve a better quality of life

Foods to Increase Intelligence

Everyday foods such as beets, Iberian ham or some types of bluefish are a source of substances that help us increase the quality of our neural connections.

The consumption of junk food has been declining in favor of the traditional Mediterranean diet, whose nutritional contribution is superior. The set of foods that constitute the Mediterranean diet contribute to improving health levels and give us more vitality and energy. The funny thing is that consuming these products can help us increase intelligence.

The cooking and health blog “Cooking ideas” has prepared a list of five foods that provide us with essential nutrients such as iodine, omega 3 acid, zinc, monophosphate or choline, which contribute to increasing the quality of neural connections, thus helping a better overall functioning of the brain. If you are already a regular consumer of these foods, you are in luck. If, on the contrary, they are not yet part of your daily intake, now is the time to include them on your list!

1. The bluefish

With a good source of omega 3 fatty acid, eating bluefish can help you increase your IQ up to 3.5 points; a figure not negligible. Salmon, tuna, sardines or eels are some of the bluefish that we consume the most and that should not be lacking in any usual diet, especially if our goal is to maintain or increase our intellectual abilities and the performance of our brain.

2. Iodized salt

A recent investigation by the US National Economic Research Agency has concluded that the introduction in 1923 of iodized salt in the United States led to a progressive improvement in the intellectual quotient of citizens, which rose to 3.5 points on average. In another region of the world, specifically in Pakistan, a state food plan called “The Micronutrient Initiative” managed to increase the average intelligence of citizens by more than 12 points on average, only with the effect of the introduction of iodine in salt. The same study found that the absence of iodine in the diet of pregnant women alters the cognitive development of the fetus, preventing it from reaching optimal levels in neuronal quality.

3. The eggs

The hill (a nutrient usually grouped with vitamins group B) is present in the range of eggs that consume different ways. It can strengthen interneuronal nerve connections, responsible for activating the transmission of emotions memories or ideas. An investigation by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) states that its routine consumption for thirty days is capable of producing a noticeable increase in our cognitive abilities.

4. The Iberian ham

This is one of the most select foods in the Mediterranean diet and one of the most adept has zinc contains a mineral that, among other functions, helps us increase the quality of neuronal connections, thus increasing mental speed. However, the concentration of zinc in the ham is moderate, and it will be necessary to consume other foods (lamb, oyster or wheat germ) to obtain the daily dose recommended by nutritionists. Anyway, that serve these lines to encourage the consumption of a good slice of ham, since it is food as rich for the brain as for the palate.

5. Beet

This vegetable contains uridine monophosphate, which in the same way that choline, iodine, and omega 3 fatty acids, contribute to the nerve cells interact more and better with each other, promoting the quality of our cognitive abilities. Other MIT research also revealed that the mice that consumed this vegetable daily underwent biochemical changes in neuronal synapses, which caused an increase in their intelligence.

Extra: Chia seeds

A food used by the Mayans and the Aztecs. And it is not for less since its properties are extraordinary and go beyond improving our cognitive functions.


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