November 23, 2019
From the food, through the use of specialized products to trim the tips once a month, are some of the most effective recommendations

Healthy Hair

Many of the women are interested in knowing what they can do to make their hair grow healthier and faster. Strategies to achieve this include:
  1. Good Nutrition

    What is eaten, as well as the diet that is followed, influences the state of the hair and skin. That is why it is recommended to incorporate foods such as avocado so that the hair looks healthier and brighter.

  2. Take Vitamins

    There are complexes with biotin and other B vitamins that are very good and help the hair grow faster. If they are incorporated into daily life, results will be obtained in a short time.

  3. Strength Treatments

    Suitable masks, cream and shampoo, are some of the special treatments that will favor strong and healthy hair growth.

  4. Use Essential Oils

    Lavender oil mixed with shampoo is one of the best allies, as are coconut and almond oils.

  5. Specialized Treatments

    Some aesthetic centers offer specialized treatments such as Microneedling, which involves nailing about 500 needles into the scalp to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

  6. Cut It Regularly

    Trimming damaged ends at least every month will help hair grow stronger and brighter.

  7. Scalp Massages

    The massage in the area will stimulate blood flow, which will help the hair follicles get more quickly the nutrients they need.


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