December 03, 2019
Several key ideas to keep sugary foods away and eat healthy every day.

The habit of eating highly sugary foods is one of the main health problems in Western countries. It is not only associated with obesity; In addition, the intake of large amounts of sugar can lead to both health problems and behavior dynamics that are totally harmful to the person.

In this article, we will see some tips on how to stop eating sugar, and several recommendations on how to start.

How to stop eating sugar?

In the following lines, you will find key ideas to make the habit of eating sugar do not get out of hand and establish a lifestyle in which you barely consume that ingredient. However, you should know that in some cases this custom is so entrenched that it is essential to go to a psychology professional who offers personalized attention.

1. Start with a kitchen cleaning

It is not a literal cleaning, but to go to the kitchen and throw away all foods with a high sugar content: processed cereals, pastries, dairy fruit or chocolate flavors, sweets and candies... It is important to do this as a task that justifies itself, not as something complementary that we will do when it's time to go to the kitchen and think about what to eat. In this way, we will avoid as much as possible to give in to the excuses that we can consider not to do this, of the type "now I do not have time to throw it all away" or "if I throw this away now I will have nothing to eat".

2. Avoid entering junk food stores

This advice to stop eating so much sugar is simple and complicated at the same time: do not enter the premises based on offering very processed and sugary food. At first, it may be hard for you, but in the medium and long term, it will avoid many problems and concerns.

3. If you have no habit of cooking, buy healthier foods

In the long run, to have a healthy life in which sugar has less presence you will have to cook a good part of what you eat, if not most of the time. However, if you have no experience in this, try to buy food that is as homemade as possible, such as that found in some catering services.

4. Learn to cook

This step is very important, for two reasons.

On the one hand, this habit will force you to eat much more natural foods, to make them the basis of your diet. On the other hand, in this way, you will link the fact of eating with a moment of the day that deserves its time and to which we must pay attention, which is the opposite of the concept of snack that so often makes us fall into products full of refined sugar.

This is one of the tips on how to stop eating sugar that is more difficult because it requires effort, and for this it is almost mandatory that you plan day-to-day schedules in which you reserve approximately one hour a day to learn to cook simple recipes that you, In the long run, they will hardly require your attention.

5. Remember the different names of sugar

When you are beginning to take measures to stop eating so much sugar, do not worry about eating very healthy; The priority is in any case to stop eating junk food.

Therefore, do not become obsessed with trying to learn from memory all the technicalities used in the food industry. Just remember the following words, because they are all the names of sugar that are used to camouflage the presence of this ingredient in the food composition labels:
  • Saccharose
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Molasses
  • Honey (yes, honey is basically sugar)
  • Brown sugar

6. Work away from snacks

If you work in a place where there are several people and you can choose where to place yourself, try to stay most of the time away from the places where sugary products are placed to which you are allowed to have access: soda or chocolate machines, sources with candies, etc.

7. Think of the rebound effect

Do not be content to be many hours a day without eating sugar products He thinks that in situations like this we are prone to overcompensate, giving us binge-eating of sweet food whose glucose levels exceed what we would have ingested if we had followed our usual habits.

Therefore, although very occasionally (once a week) it is possible to eat some sugary products as a "rest", at that time you should pay close attention to what you do and not give in to the temptation to continue savoring that snack class. If it is very complicated for you, it may be more difficult to 100% refrain from eating sugary foods for several weeks in a row.

This is another of the tips on how to stop eating more complex sugars to follow, as it demands a commitment to what we are doing.

8. Eat fruit every day

If you manage to make the fruit become your usual source of sugar, you will have a lot of cattle. This is because these foods satisfy a lot more than average chocolate or snack, but in most cases, they have much less sugar, and this is also unprocessed (less harmful).

One or god pieces of fruit a day are enough, and if you get used to eating them as a reward, continuing with that healthy habit will be very easy.


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